About me


My name is Tuncay Demirtepe and I’m a freelance web application developer based in Orlando, Florida.

Thirteen years of combined experience in web applications has generated a broad competency in PHP, ASP.Net C#, jQuery, HTML, CSS, WordPress, BigCommerce, JavaScript, Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks. I believe that design, code writing, server-side process and clear communication are the key components that bring a web application to life.

Here, you can glimpse some of what I do, from front-end work to hardcore server-side challenges and web applications. Every project is another opportunity to perfect my work and deliver the best possible product I can to my clients.


Why Hire Me?

I specialize in Web Development using handwritten HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I make clean, standards-compliant web applications that are pleasing to the eye while focusing on usability and accessibility. I create custom-tailored applications unique to each client’s needs.

Please email me if you would like to hire me for your project, have questions, or would like a quote.

My Blog and Other Interests

My associated blog aims to share the wealth of what I have learned over more than a dozen years. My intent is to teach, inspire and help other coders, while focusing on programming awareness, and showcasing my work and personal practices.

Hobbies, like reading, photography, listening to music and cooking (for my wife) are how I achieve balance in my life. My wife’s unwavering support and love are what free me to continue to strive for more, professionally.